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Benefits of AICBRN Membership

  • Affiliation with and access to an all island network of researchers, institutions and organisations.
  • Access to engaging monthly virtual AICBRN webinars, facilitating learning, discussion, and opportunities for interdisciplinary collaboration.
  • Regular communications on news related to climate and biodiversity events, research and policy, Network activities, and relevant funding opportunities.
  • Opportunities to be involved in collaborative all island funding applications as PIs, Co-PIs, funded investigators etc.
  • Invitations to in person events and workshops on relevant themes for knowledge sharing, collaboration, and building multi/trans/interdisciplinary networks.
  • Opportunities to join working groups and networks to contribute to public good research, policy responses, green papers and reports.
  • The possibility to apply for small grants from the Network budget to facilitate meetings and workshops.
  • Availability of support from the management and operations team, who maintain an increasingly large database of information on experts, stakeholders and funding partners within climate, biodiversity, and just societal transitions.
  • Being a member of a diverse, inclusive and supportive network means suggestions and ideas for future activities are always welcome.

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